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What makes us different?

It’s simply how we do things differently: we focus on creating systems that perform with the greatest clarity, intelligibility and music quality.
Whether setting up an audio system for Pope John Paul’s 2002 Canadian visit, a national church convention or a business conference, our commitment to a solid design/build methodology allows us to achieve some of the highest-performing sound systems available.


But don’t just take our word for it. The following are highlights from some of the many letters we have received…


Fine Music Event

“I would like to complement you on the quality of the sound Audio Plus delivered for the worship concerts. The sound system levels and mix were appropriate for the venue and the audience, and did not at all detract from the worship experience. I had recently attended a similar function at another location in Toronto and the difference in sound was remarkable. The other location erected huge speakers on each side of the stage but ended up with what I can only describe as a wall of noise. The bass and vocals were indistinguishable, if not absent. Contrast that to the centrally suspended speaker system you set up in a large gymnasium in Cambridge, which easily filled the room withquality sound and let each instrument and vocalist be heard. Congratulations on a job well done.” Colin Ward, A guest at the Heritage College Worship Arts Conference (Cambridge, Ont. 2002)


Speech Intelligibility

“Audio Plus has provided technical support in the areas of seating arrangements, staging, lighting, video and audio. Brian is very helpful in the initial planning stages and makes himself available to meet with the Program Committee so that he fully understands our requirements. On site, the staff are friendly and accommodating, providing unobtrusive support to our musicians, speakers and presenters.

Equipment is set-up, checked and ready well before the event begins. Program changes or additions are never too much trouble and are handled with a graciousness that belies the amount of work required to meet additional on-site demands.

In the past three years there has not been one complaint with regard to the quality of sound, the clarity of music presentations or speech intelligibility. This is a testament to the good work of Audio Plus. I highly recommend them.” Nancy Bell, Business Manager BCOQ (Toronto Ont. 2002)


Our Approach To Installing

Our approach to installing sound systems for special events is the same as for our permanent installations. Each project is assessed independently and the audio system is designed to fit the needs and environment of the event. One size does not fit all!
It is our advanced church acoustic and sound system design expertise, coupled with our production experience, that allows us to achieve some the best performing sound systems available. When you work with Audio Plus, you can be assured that our investment in thousand of dollars in specialized training and acoustic analysis equipment allows us to meet the challenges of your special event. If you are seriously looking for the greatest clarity in audio performance, we are available to serve you.


Serious About Sound Quality?

The foundation of any event is hearing! Cookie-cutter sound systems will not meet today’s demands. If people can’t hear without straining, they will often leave, and take their wallets with them. For your next event, let the experts at Audio Plus demonstrate how to achieve great clarity & performance,
not just volume!

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Design is crucial to achieving high performance.
One size does not fit all!!!