Church Sound Consulting

Church Sound Consulting For Today’s Church Buildings

Church Sound

Audio Plus is focused on church sound systems, acoustics, video and lighting systems. We are committed to serving the church community with the highest standard in communication technologies.

We have invested thousands of dollars in acoustical testing equipment and training in sound system designs.

We understand the needs of the church. All of our employees have been active members in a number of denominations.

Sound is not invisible any more. With the advancement of computer acoustical analysis equipment over the last decade, we can predict with great accuracy, how sound will perform in a new church building. Existing sound systems can be tested, to see the difference of the direct sound from a loudspeaker, reflected sound off of walls/ceilings, and the reverberation time of the room. We can pinpoint the exact problem, and not just speculate. Church sound is unique, but not a mystery. It is a science which when understood, can be mathematically calculated.

We can assist your church with a new building project, or an existing church expansion or renovation. If your church is serious about success, we are available to serve you.

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