On-site Workshops
Many churches are confused when they receive different sound system designs from different companies. What is the truth? The church sound workshop was created to provide solid answers, in layman’s terms, to the questions,” What do we really need, and how do we get it?”

Church Sound and Acoustic Consultation
Church sound and acoustics are unique. There are no equivalent secular applications, and therefore understanding the church’s needs is a specialized science. We understand the interactions of sound systems in large acoustical spaces.

Complete Church Sound System Designs
Audio Plus is not a music store. A church sound system is a designed system, not a collection of mismatched equipment on sale. We create a complete system, designed to operate within the acoustic and worship style requirements of your church. The design’s number one purpose is to achieve the highest level of intelligibility that is possible.

Professional Audio & Video Equipment Sales
We sell equipment that has a proven track record of success in church applications. We are not volume discounters, but rather suppliers that offer complete on-site technical support, providing you with maximum performance from your investment.

Sound System Installations
We are a qualified church audio contractor and carry the proper tools and testing equipment to insure the great accuracy possible. We custom-build solid steel brackets to insure the highest standard of safety for speaker and video installations. Custom painting of speakers and hardware is standard. Our installations look as good as they sound.

We believe that education is paramount for proper church sound. With so many secular ideas infiltrating the church, supplemental training is vital for churches to continue to clearly present the greatest story ever told.

If your church is serious about success, we are available to serve you.

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